The Caring Community offers a wide variety of alternatives in day programs:

Fotheringhay Farms provides agri-based pre-vocational skill development in green house, barnyard and garden settings. 


It provides an environment where individuals can expend energies, employ both gross and fine motor skills and develop nurturing capacities in growing plants and vegetables or caring for animals. (Photo)

Maintenance work crews provide individuals, who due to serious behavioral problems cannot seek employment in the community, with real work experience in a controlled setting. The Individuals in this program accomplish minor repairs and maintenance for  the group homes and earn commensurate wages. (Photo)

Community Experience Programs (CEP) allow individuals with physical and or medical conditions to occupy their days with productive and fulfilling pursuits based in the community.  Arts and crafts, cooking, volunteer work, beneficial exercise, and recreational activities are the focus of these programs. (Photo)

Opportunities for Older Adults is much like the CEP except that they are geared to those individuals who no longer have the physical stamina to do more.  (Photo)

An Adult Learning Center has been established in the town of Westchester CT.  This program serves a specialized population that requires close monitoring and provides younger individuals with daily living skills, community experience, social and vocational skill development.  (Photo)  


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